Q. How do I lease an apartment from Chico College Housing?

A. Review the available apartments and select the one that best meets your needs. Receive a leasing package from College Property Management. (see Applications page). Set an appointment to meet with Chico College Housing to sign the lease and turn in the required forms.

At the lease signing appointment each prospective lessee must have:
1. A completed & signed Tenant Application form.
2. A completed and signed Guarantor Application form.
3. A signed Guarantee of Lease form.
4. Cash or check, in the amount of $50.00 made out to College Property Management (will be applied toward your security deposit.)

Q. When is an apartment available for lease? A. Our apartment leases start on August 1 of each new school year.

Q. What is the monthly rent on an apartment? A. We have large 4 bedroom 2 bath apartments starting at $490.00 per person per month.

Q. What is included in my lease? A. All our apartments come with complete kitchens (refrigerator/freezer, stove/oven, dishwasher, microwave, and garbage disposal), central heat and air, ceiling fans and 2-inch window coverings. We also pay for garbage and landscape maintenance at all properties. Go to our properties page for a complete list.

Q. Where are the Apartments located? A. Right across the street from CSU,C at 620 West Sacramento Avenue and 1019 Mechoopda Street. See our custom map for addresses and exact locations.

Q. What is your pet policy?A. We allow cats, with a pet deposit of $100.00. Dogs are not allowed. Small birds, gold fish, etc., are ok.

Q. How much parking is available and what will it cost?A. All apartments have at least 2 or more spaces per apartment. Parking is for tenants only and there is no charge involved for parking.

Q. Do I need a guarantor for my lease?A. Yes. In order to keep our deposits low, all tenants are required to have a "Guarantee of Lease" form completed at the time they sign their lease. Under certain conditions, special arrangements can be made to accommodate unique situations. See our applications page for a sample copy.

Q. How much is the deposit and how is it handled?

A. Each lessee pays a security deposit in an amount equivalent to one month's rent. This amount is a security deposit and not your first or last months rent. A thorough walk through is conducted at move in and deposits are refundable at the end of the lease, based on the condition of the apartment, normal wear and tear excepted.


Q. Am I responsible for my roommates?

A. All lessees are jointly and severally liable for all charges owed under the lease. This means that while each tenant has a right to pay his or her rent separately, all tenants can be held responsible if required payments are not made.

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   1019 Mechoopda
 620 West Sac Ave

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